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Three easy ways to reserve your personal Consultation with one of our exclusive 
Laura Ashley kitchen experts

Your kitchen is perhaps the most important room in your house. It sets the style and the scene for the rest of your home; it's often the first place visitors see and where you entertain. Nothing adds style and value to your home in quite the same way; nothing makes a statement as clearly or concisely as a high-quality kitchen.

And that's why you have your heart set on a Laura Ashley kitchen, of course.

But a Laura Ashley kitchen is not for everyone.


Well.. candidly, you want three things from your kitchen: you want top-quality, you want exemplary service, and you want a low price. I mean, we all love a bargain, don't we?

Alas, we can't give you all three at the same time, so you'll also understand because our kitchens are a premium quality they attract a premium price. 

In other words, if you're looking for a "cheap" kitchen and you're prepared to compromise on kitchen-quality and exemplary service, then we're not the right company for you.

We can't give you the highest quality, the best service, and the lowest price... 

... but neither can anyone else (so beware those who claim they do).

But if you believe you get what you pay for and are prepared to invest in your own values and the value of your home, then perhaps we have the kitchen you're looking for.

There's a reason we don't sell cheap kitchens, and it's the same reason others do: we all acknowledge the value of the kitchens we deliver and the clients we serve.

How to reserve your personal consultation

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Quick and easy

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This is the quickest and easiest way to book your Consultation online without the hassle of having to call us or drop in to the showroom (but you can do either of those if you'd rather).

Call us now on 01530 589 161

If you want the human touch

Rather speak to one of our Laura Ashley Kitchen experts?

No problem. Help is only a phone call away (we're here from 10am until 4pm and we're waiting for your call).

Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we'll be delighted to arrange your Consultation over the phone (it'll take just a couple of minutes, and we may be able to squeeze you in today).

Here's our number again: 01530 589 161.  

Drop in to the showroom

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Or if you're in the area or just fancy dropping in, you can find us here (we can't guarantee we'll be able to offer you a Consultation immediately, but we'll do our best).

Here's our address (and there's a handy map below, if you need it).

Coalville Kitchens & Bedrooms 

89 Belvoir Road 



LE67 3PH

How it Works

Your Consultation will take place in our luxury Coalville studio, and typically takes about 30 minutes.

We'll give you an expert guided tour around the kitchens and ask you a few questions, and you'll be able to ask us any of your own.

And then, if you like what you see, and you're the kind of client we think we'd enjoy working with, we may offer you the opportunity of a home-visit where we'll come to your home and measure up your kitchen so we can create a lifelike CGI mockup of what your new Laura Ashley kitchen could look like.

There's no obligation and no strings attached. We know how important your home and kitchen are important to you and your family, so we want you to make a choice right for you.

Or call us on 01530 589161 and book your slot NOW

How to find us

Or call us on 01530 589161 and book your slot NOW

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